Parking and Pickup Areas

​​​​​​Parents are encouraged to park in Morris Street to drop off or to pick up their children. This street is often crowded at the end of school.  Please find a park, don’t double park.  Double parking is both illegal and dangerous to our students. There are clearly signed areas for parking and for “drop off/pick up”; please use these areas correctly. ​

Children are supervised at the front of the school (Morris Street), not at the side of the school.  Parents parking in Merehaye Street to pick up their children will need to walk through to the waiting-area to collect their children.  This is for safety reasons.

Parents wishing to remain in their car to pick up their children must use the drive through area.  Children must move to the pick up point when their parent arrives.  If a child is not in the waiting-area when the parent arrives, the parent may wait for a couple of minutes but not hold up the flow.  It is suggested parents move off from the pick up zone and wait until their child/children arrive.  On picking up child/children, parents should drive out immediately.  NO ONE in the waiting-line should leave their car.