​​​​​Email: apennell@bne.catholic.edu.au   Tuckshop Convenor:  Amanda Pennell

Phone: 07 3857 2443

The Tuckshop at Holy Cross Primary School is a facility which supports the learning and teaching environment of the school. The Tuckshop, in collaboration with the P&F, operates in order to provide nourishing food for students and our staff.

Tuckshop day is Wednesday. The menu is available on the flexischools website and is also attached to the school newsletter. Parent helpers are listed in the school newsletter.

  1. Go to the flexischools website​.
  2. Register / Login​
  3. Top-up your account balance
  4. Start ordering immediately. Remember, ordering closes at 10.00am on Monday

The Tuckshop aims to:

  • Promote the selection of healthy food and drink choices and the development of healthy eating habits.
  • Promote a real-life learning experience in line with the Nutrition Education as outlined in the Health and Physical Education Curriculum.
  • Ensure safe food handling procedures and be subject to Council audits to ensure standards are being met.
  • Periodically review the menu and prices.
  • Foster community spirit and support for those who work as volunteers, students and teachers.​​

Parent Helpers - Volunteering At The Tuckshop

This is a great way to meet new parents, carers and grandparents. Volunteering can also be a lot of fun whilst contributing to the Holy Cross community. Before commencing your role as a volunteer or other personnel in a Brisbane Catholic Education school, you are required to: ​​Volunteer Code of Conduct and Child Protection Training​

On your Tuckshop roster day, please sign in at the office then come to the Tuckshop by 9.00am. Morning tea and lunch will be provided - this is a great way to sample our menu. If you are unable to make it on your rostered day, please arrange a replacement or contact the Tuckshop Convenor as soon as possible.

​We would like to thank all of our volunteers who help; without your assistance the children wouldn't enjoy their Wednesday Tuckshop day as much as they do!

General Tuckshop Information

  • Prep students are unable to access Munch Crunch ordering from the menu.
  • Prep students are unable to access ice blocks until they are able to visit the Tuckshop in term 4.
  • Ordering closes at 10.00am on the Monday prior to Tuckshop on Wednesday.
  • Homebake must be nut-free.
  • Homebake is a "lucky dip" for students: there may not be the option for children to swap what they receive.
  • Students line up at the Tuckshop after the Play Bell to collect ice blocks and frozen yoghurt that has been pre-ordered, as well as to purchase other items with cash (eg drinks, ice blocks, frozen yoghurt, chips and homebake).​

How does online ordering work?

  • Go to www.flexischools.com.au and register.
  • Enter your child's name, school and class, and add funds (e.g. $50) into a pre-paid account. Please note, for a bank transfer, funds can take 2-3 days to appear in your flexischools account.
  • You can log on to the website at any time to place orders and top-up your account. Remember, ordering closes at 7:00 am on a Tuesday.
  • As purchases are made, the funds are taken from your pre-paid account. The account can be topped up again in the same way, or set to automatically top up from your credit, when the balance falls below a pre-set minimum.
  • Each order is sent automatically to the Tuckshop, where a label is produced with the student's name, class and order details.
  • At break time, students can simply collect the orders (orders are delivered to the Prep classrooms).

Automatic weekly reordering

You can set your order so that it automatically recurs each week. The option will be provided when you fully complete an order. (Please note: this can only be set up from a desktop computer, not from the app or mobile devices.)

Cancelling an order

You can cancel an order anytime by going to your flexischools account. On a Tuckshop day, orders can still be cancelled by you prior to 7.00am or by contacting the Tuckshop directly on 3857 2443.

Payment methods available

Flexischools accepts payment via Visa, Mastercard, Payclick (29c surcharge) and Bank Transfer (no surcharge). To perform a bank transfer to your flexischools account, click "Topup Account" when logged into the flexischools website and select "Bank Transfer". You will be given your unique EFT code to make a transfer via your bank's internet facility, or at a branch. Please note, EFT transfers will take 2-3 days to be available in your flexischools account.

Extra cost

There is a small fee for the online orders to help pay for the labels and maintenance of the website system. Munch Crunch and Morning Tea are 10c each, and Lunch is 25c.