Our Story

Holy Cross Catholic Primary School was established in 1890 by the Sisters of Mercy. Holy Cross School is a co-educational Catholic primary school (Prep – Year 6) with a current enrolment of 159. Located in the inner city suburb of Wooloowin, Holy Cross is a Catholic learning community educating and transforming lives through the message of the Cross for the life of the world. As the oldest Catholic primary school on the north side of Brisbane, we have been providing high quality learning and teaching for over 125 years.  

HCCP220318-1246.jpgHoly Cross teachers are well qualified and highly professional with a strong commitment to the Vision and Mission of our school and Catholic Education. We are place of learners and learning, whereby students are engaged, challenged and proud of their achievements. We value the intrinsic worth of each individual and monitor the well-being of all. Holy Cross School is a welcoming, safe and caring community with a strong commitment to social justice. We strive to live our School Motto ‘With God, for Others’ in our daily interactions with each other and our neighbours. ​​​

History: In July 1890 at the sugg​​​​estion of Archbishop Dunne, the Sisters of Mercy started a school in the church building. Additional Sisters joined the Wooloowin community as teachers. The church seats were altered to serve as desks and teaching was carried out in the Church for several years. The school opened with about 100 children. Discipline was very strict, which reflected the educational context of the late 1800’s. The Sisters were instrumental in developing the school. They lived very simply, surviving on income from school and piano lesson fees. 

'10s 1919.jpgThe first school was built at the back of the Church. The site of this school building is now the Church carpark. From 1896 to 1958 Holy Cross School Convent was situated on the corner of Chalk and Morris Streets, Wooloowin. Holy Cross Convent was somewhat unique in that the Sisters had a variety of Ministries. Some of the Sisters who lived at Holy Cross Convent were teachers at Holy Cross School and at St Carthage’s Primary School at Gordon Park. Other Sisters were involved at Holy Cross Home for unmarried mothers, disability services and women who were in the care of the state. 

​ The current primary school complex at 40 Morris Street was completed in 1958. In 1975 the Sisters of Mercy withdrew from Holy Cross. They had set up the school and administered Holy Cross for 85 years. Screenshot 2022-05-07 103739.jpg

​In 1980 Holy Cross established ‘Special Education Unit’ providing assistance those children who needed extra help. Holy Cross was the first Catholic primary school in Brisbane to have such a unit. The unit was phased out during the mid 2000s. 

We continue to be a place of inclusion and create diverse opportunities for all to learn. 

In 1890, our parish school was founded by the Sisters of Mercy. Their commitment to serve others is still demonstrated today: 

• by our desire to follow God through our actions 

through our service and outreach to all people in our community – families, staff, parish and friends 

• by the Cross as a sign of hope and a constant reminder that we must give of ourselves for others 

• with respect for individuality and diversity through a culture of inclusion 

• in our dedication to learning and teaching in a safe, welcoming and happy environment 

• through justice, mercy, spirituality and celebration 

 • through our Catholic faith fostered in our daily prayer and liturgical and sacramental practice.

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