All Grades – Boys and Girls

School bag


White socks*

Black shoes*


Prep & Grade 1 GirlsPrep & Grade 1 Boys
SkortBlack Shorts
Polo shirtPolo Shirt
Green hair scrunchie - optionalJacket or pullover for winter
Jacket or pullover for winter 
When swimming starts the following is required (usually Term 4):  
Swim capSwim cap
Swim bagSwim bag
1 Piece swimsuit* Speedos or boardshorts*
Rash vest*Rash vest*

Prep and Grade 1 students wear the Sports Uniform every day.



Years 2 – 6 GirlsYears 2 – 6 Boys
Formal uniform dressFormal uniform shirt
SkortBlack Shorts
Polo shirtPolo Shirt
Green hair scrunchie – optional 
Jacket or pullover for winterJacket or pullover for winter
Swim capSwim cap
Swim bagSwim bag
1 Piece swimsuit* Speedos or boardshorts*
Rash vest*Rash vest*

Years 2-6 students wear the Sports Uniform 2 days a week - polo with shorts (boys) or skort (girls), the Formal Uniform 3 days a week - check shirt and shorts (boys) or check dress (girls).


Our Uniform Shop is managed  by Ashgrove West Drapery which is located at 2/469 Waterworks Rd, Ashgrove. Families can visit onsite 6 days per week (closed Sundays) for fittings and uniform purchases. You can also visit their online shop and purchase​ uniforms online and get them delivered to your home or pick up in store. 

​Please visit their website School Threads​ www.schoolthreads.com.au to view our uniform online and to make purchases. 

Second hand uniforms are also available through a school Facebook group. ​Search for Holy Cross School, Wooloowin - Buy, Sell, Giveaway, Swap on Facebook. ​

Dress ​Uniform

  • Girls: green/white check dress or green/white check shirt with green culottes
  • Boys: green/white check shirt with black shorts

Sports Uniform

  • Girls: Green sports shirt with green culottes
    * Swimming: one piece bathers, rash vest & cap (not latex)
  • Boys: Green sports shirt with black shorts
    * Swimming: speedo bathers, rash vest & cap (not latex)

All children must wear the green school hat with school emblem, short white socks and black (only) leather joggers.​

  • All children are expected to wear the full and appropriate school uniform. On a number of special days, the children will be allowed 'free dress' to help celebrate the festivities. On these occasions, prior notice will be given to parents.
  • The following jewellery is permitted:
    •  a wristwatch (if a smart watch, messaging and call functions must be disabled during school hours) 
    • A pair of sleepers or a pair of studs are the only earrings allowed.  
    • A simple chain with a cross or religious medal 
  • ​​Rings and bracelets are a potential safety risk and are not to be worn at school.
  • Make-up and nail polish is not permitted
  • Hair should be worn neatly and not cover the eyes or face. Dreadlocks, rats tails, mullets, tracks, undercuts, etc. are not acceptable hairstyles for school. 
  • ​​Shoulder length hair should be tied back with a school colour tie.​​​

If families have uniforms that they no longer need and are still in good condition, please consider donating them to the Uniform Shop. Items can be left at the School Office.​