Parental Involvement

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​All volunteers at Holy Cross School need to complete the Code of Conduct and Student Protection Training for Volunteers located under BCE policies. Volunteer Code of Conduct and Child Protection Training​. Volunteers other than non-biological parents or custodial grandparents will also require a Volunteer Blue Card which must be linked to our school and recorded in our Blue Card Register. Please contact the office for further details or assistance. 

Class co-ordi​nat​​ors

Every year a parent or parents volunteer to become Class Co-ordinator/s for each class.  Their main role is to liaise with the Class teacher and organise social gatherings for the class.

Parent H​​​​elpers

​We encourage parents to take a keen interest in our school and to support us by becoming involved on a regular basis. Listed below are some​ areas where you may be able to use your talents: 

  • Library Aide - shelving, typing, etc.
  • Class reading groups.
  • Take an active role in the P&F Association.
  • Various committees.
  • Fundraising.
  • Be involved with class liturgies.
  • Support school/parish liturgies.

School Community Groups

P&F Associatio​n

​P&F meetings are held regularly throughout the year and dates and times will be published at the start of each school year.  All parents and carers whose children are enrolled at the school are automatically members of the P&F and are welcome to attend the meetings.

The P&F is an essential and active member of the Holy Cross School community, supporting the school through fundraising and social events.  It provides a formal structure and support network for parents to participate in the activities and decision making processes at the school and to work for the benefit of the school and their children.

As we all know, parents and families are the first teachers of their children and have the right and the responsibility to be engaged with their children’s education.  Research shows that children do better at school when parents continue to be engaged throughout their children’s years at school.  Our P&F welcomes all parents and carers and provides many opportunities for involvement throughout the year.  ​​

The P&F Executive is elected annually at the AGM held in November. Activities of the P&F must be, under the constitution, carried out as agents of the school thereby needing the support of the Principal. The association is considered to be under the umbrella of the church entities act for legal and insurance reasons and the Principal is charged with responsibility for the school.

The Federation of Parents & Friends Associations of Catholic Schools in Queensland​​​

Parents and Friends Constitution​

Parents ​and Friends​ Key Dimensions

Volunteer Statement of Responsibility

​We are very grateful for the work of our volunteers and to support them in this work we ask volunteers to review the Volunteers Statement of Responsibility relating to their volunteer role. 

Volunteer Statement of Responsibility Classroom based volunteer .pdf

Volunteer Statement of Responsibility Co-Curricular Activity.pdf

Volunteer Statement of Responsibility Event Convenor .pdf

Volunteer Statement of Responsibility Incursions Excursions volunteer .pdf

Volunteer Statement of Responsibility Non-classroom and Services volunteer .pdf

Volunteer Statement of Responsibility Parents and Friends .pdf

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