Pastoral Care

​​​Holy Cross has always had a strong emphasis on Pastoral Care of students and staff and families. Since the beginning of the 2006 school year, we have had a Pastoral Care Worker as a member of staff. The following is a sample of what is available through this avenue.

  • Seasons for Growth – a grief and loss programme that helps children to develop skills for coping with all sorts of grief and loss, from the death of a pet to a family breakdown, to the death of a family member this is also offered at the adult level.
  • Friendship – this programme helps children to develop skills that help them to make and keep friends.
  • Social Skills – work with individual children and small groups to help them better communicate in everyday classroom/playground situations.
  • Mini Vinnies – a group of volunteers committed to the ideals of caring and service to others, in the spirit of St Vincent de Paul.
  • Lunchtime Clubs – a variety of activities are available, according to the interests of childen and availability of expertise/equipment.  Examples include Tai Chi, Gardening, Sewing, Prayer, Knitting.  These are voluntary clubs, open to children in Years 4-6. We also offer a multitude of other activities, such as the 'Healthy Ears Programme', which meets needs as they arise.
  • Celebration of community – such days as Teacher Aides' Day, Office Professionals' Day, Parents' Day and Teachers' Day are celebrated.
Pastoral Care is also exercised in a wide variety of ways by all staff and members of the school community, including class contact people.