​​​​​An amount of homework will be set each night for the children to complete. The aim of this is to teach student discipline and the necessity of taking some small responsibility for their own learning. We ask your support in this activity.

Homework activities could take many formats, in summary:

  • Daily reading is core to homework, and supports the development of a students literacy, comprehension and reasoning. ​
  • Home learning is an extension of what happens at school and can take a variety of forms.
  • Home learning is seen as a self-discipline and as a supplement to school activities.
  • The emphasis on homework may vary according to the age of the student.
  • Homework is not designed to cause arguments at home.
  • Especially for older children, encourage them to read newspapers, watch news, current affairs programs and history programs.
  • Homework may involve ongoing project style work.

The time involved will vary from grade to grade and student to student, but a guideline for primary age children would be 5 minutes (Year 1) to 40 minutes (Year 6) per night.  ​