Head Lice Procedure

​​​The occurrence of head lice is the most common insect infestation in humans throughout the world. Head lice infestation may affect people of any age, nationality, gender or socio-economic group and they have no preference for cleanliness, hair colour or hair type.

As head lice cause no disease or illness their presence is as much a social issue as a health or educational issue and detection and treatment needs to be addressed in a way that respects the emotional, social and educational development of the child. People's dignity will be respected and protected at all times.


  1. Should live hatched head lice be detected, the child’s parents will be contacted and asked to pick the child up from school. 
  2. Class families will be advised whenever head lice are detected in their child’s classroom.
  3. Request parents not to send children back to school until treatment has commenced.

To help control head lice, parents with children at Holy Cross will:

  1. Take responsibility for the detection and treatment of head lice in their children.
  2. Ensure children with head lice do not attend school until treatment has commenced.
  3. Regularly inspect their children’s hair to detect head lice and initiate treatment.
  4. Notify the school if their child has head lice and advise when treatment has begun.
  5. Comply with school expectations regarding the treatment of head lice.​