​​​​​​​Our Uniform Shop is run by the P & F Association. It is staffed by volunteer parents and is currently operating out of the School Tuckshop. Online ordering is now available for all school uniform items. Please check the school newsletter for up-to-date uniform days each term.

Uniform Shop Price List June 2020.pdf

Please place your online uniform orders as follows:

  1. Go to the flexischools website​.
  2. Register/Login​.
  3. Start ordering immediately. Remember, ordering closes at 12pm on Wednesday. 
  4. Pickup your order from the School Office after 12pm on Thursday.

Dress U​niform

  • Girls: green/white check dress or green/white check shirt with green culottes
  • Boys: green/white check shirt with black shorts

Sports Uniform

  • Girls: Green sports shirt with green culottes
    * Swimming: one piece bathers, rash vest & cap (not latex)
  • Boys: Green sports shirt with black shorts
    * Swimming: speedo bathers, rash vest & cap (not latex)

All children must wear the green school hat with school emblem, short white socks and black (only) leather joggers.

  • All children are expected to wear the full and appropriate school uniform. On a number of special days, the children will be allowed 'free dress' to help celebrate the festivities. On these occasions, prior notice will be given to parents.
  • Other than a wristwatch, the wearing of jewellery to school is not allowed. A pair of sleepers or a pair of studs are the only earrings allowed.  Chains and rings are a potential safety risk and are not to be worn at school.
  • Shoulder length hair should be tied back with a school colour tie.

If families have uniforms that they no longer need and are still in good condition, please consider donating them to the Uniform Shop. Items can be left at the School Office.

All school uniform orders can be made via Flexi Schools: https://www.flexischools.com.au/

​Please email enquiries to Bridget McDonald, bridget@jamesbridget.com