Enrolment Procedure

​​​​​​​Parents who wish to enrol their child/ren should call Holy Cross School to request an "Application for Enrolment Form" (or download a copy of the form below).  The completed form is to be returned to the school with copies of your c​hild/ren's Birth & Baptismal Certificates  plus immunisation records. A $25.00 administration fee is payable at the time of appli​cation.  The child's name will be added to the Waiting List on receipt of this fee.  

First Round interviews for Prep are conducted by the Admin Team early in Term 2.  Subject to vacancies, a second round of interviews will be conducted during Term 3. At these interviews, the parents/guardians of the child/ren are first interviewed by the Principal, and the child/ren participate in a screening process to ensure their correct placement in the school.

Offers for first round placements will be sent out by the end of Term 2. A "Confirmation of Enrolment Form" will be sent with a request for payment of $50 to confirm enrolment. This payment is non-refundable.

Placements will be offered according to the Priority Order after each round of interviews has been conducted.  We encourage families to apply for enrolment for their child by the end of March in the year prior to commencement.

Other grade enrolments happen across the year as well as an intake at the beginning of each new school year. These placements are offered if they become available. A similar process occurs with interviews and offers of places if available.

  • First placements will be offered to siblings of students currently enrolled at Holy Cross School and continuing in Years 1 to 6.
  • Second placements will be offered to Catholic families living in our parish.
  • Third placements will be offered to Catholic families living outside parish boundaries.
  • Fourth placements will be offered to all other non-Catho​​​lics living in our parish who willingly accept and support the ethos of our Catholic school.
  • Fifth placements will be offered to Non-Catholic families living outside parish boundaries.

Enrolment Applicatio​n Form

​​Enrolment Application - Notes Booklet - Print Version

Enrolment Policy

Privacy Policy 2014

Enrolment Application and Support Procedures for Students requiring Significant Educational Adjustments

Within our Brisbane Catholic Education Learning Framework, we address the education of all our students within a diverse community of learners.

Every learner is, in some respect, like all others, like some others, like no other. Every learner can achieve success in life and learning where diversity is valued and shared wisdom contributes to decision-making that enriches and enlivens our world (BCE Learning Framework August 2012).

The Enrolment Application & Support Procedures, set out in the PDF below, are to be applied:

  • When application for enrolment is made on behalf of a student and it is considered likely that significant educational adjustments will need to be made to support the student’s initial and continuing enrolment in the school.
  • When the adjustments have been agreed and are able to be implemented.
  • When the adjustments for the student are being reviewed as included in the school action plan.​

The Enrolment Application and Support Procedures for Students requiring Significant Educational Adjustments is one that reveals and clarifies the characteristics of the learner and assesses the relevant adjustments for accessing the learning and the implications of these for the school, the family and the student. The procedure is foundational to this partnership and leads to an appropriate response to the student's educational needs.

Enrolment Application and Support Procedures for Children requiring Si​gnificant Educational Adjustments